Refuse Thy Name

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House of Capulet presents;

Refuse Thy Name - Blonde Woods, Rose Petals & Vanilla Musk

****Romeo & Juliet Cupcake Pre Order Information****

Starting at 12pm EST Wednesday January.27th; until 12 noon Sunday Jan. 29th; be opening our 2021 Valentines Day Pre Order!!!! All cupcakes are hand sculpted and will vary slightly in weight and by design.

Approx 4.3-4.45ounces on average.

$6.95 each or buy 4 & they’ll arrive in an adorable gift box PLUS you’ll receive one of two tart bag(4 ounce tart bags) of an unreleased blend we’ll be adding to this collection at a future RTS;) simply drop “House of Montague” in the notes section for the mystery earthy masculine scent or “House of Capulet” for something surprisingly sweet.

Please note this will be our final opening/release before our price changes take effect and the TAT is 15 business days which means you’ll receive shipping confirmation on or before FEBRUARY 19th!!!!!!