All About Ella After

How we began... 

Adding ambiance to our home has always been a passion of mine; surrounding our little family with original works of art, eclectic treasures we've acquired during our many adventures and pretty things in general. The use of home fragrance transforms the collective ambiance into a magical, multi-sensory experience. Scent is directly linked to our emotions and our memories and it's something near and dear to our family. 

After working with a major MLM company and doing years worth of candle and home fragrance reviews on YouTube, I gained a better understanding of market trends and patterns as they emerge in the fragrance industry much the same as as they do in fashion. Furthermore I became more and more interested in what wax tarts and candles were made of, considering I was subjecting my family to it daily. It was shocking to me that most companies are still using primarily  petroleum, but also phthalates, additives, solvents and materials that are still tested in the eyes and skin of animals. 

It became my personal mission to create an eco-friendly, health conscious, cruelty free alternative to use not only in my home but to cater to consumers who share similar concerns when choosing products for their own personal havens. After 22 months of testing we've come up with a proprietary blend comprised of GMM free soy & coconut wax, both renewable resources which supports north american agriculture. We've also paired with top notch fragrance oil suppliers and only use phathate & cruelty free suppliers. Ella After Wax Co is committed to remaining additive and solvent free throughout the production phase of our highly scented coconut-soy wax tarts. 

Our products are Canadian made, hand poured in small batches to maintain quality and our commitment to creating a superior home fragrance alternative to some of the pricer wax tarts on the market. 


FAQ and Ordering Information 

Q: Where can I shop for your products?

Our website is Here you will find our current stock of ready to ship items as well as any preorder items we are offering. Our Facebook & Instagram are a great resource as well!

Q: Do you always have wax available to purchase?

We strive to keep Ready To Ship items always available on our site. In addition we do “Restocks” on the 1st and 15th of each month. Our restocks consist of:

Collection Launches (A collection of scents themed and based upon the creator’s favorite childhood stories) IE: Alice In Wonderland, Pippi Longstocking, etc.

Ready To Ship restocks: (a variety of scents in different shapes and sizes from our Dollhouse Favorites, Solo & Imposter Scents and Seasonal Selections.

Preorders: Preorders are limited edition scents & sizes available on a made to order basis. Our most popular preorders are Mash Up Loaves (16 ounce loaves combining 2 of our most well loved complimentary scents) and Cute as a Button Pies (7+ ounce pies in limited edition seasonal scents). Preorders items are available in unlimited quantities within the preorder window.

Q: What type of wax do you use?

Our wax is a blend made up of primarily soy with just a touch of coconut wax to give it a smooth appearance and reduce frosting. It is much softer than paraffin wax, making it easy to cut and we have found the fragrance to last longer.

Q: Is there a cure time for your wax?

We recommend a minimum of 3 - 4 week cure time from the pour date before melting. Soy, much like a fine wine only gets better with age. We are committed to keeping our pour dates ahead of our restocks so the wax arrives not only fresh but nearly ready to melt.

Q: What type of warmers work best with your wax? Our tarts have been tested in a wide variety of warmers with great success. Our personal favorites are hot plate or element style warmers. Because soy is denser in a molecular level it requires more heat/longer heat to release its fragrance than paraffin.

Q: Why are the prices showing in Canadian dollars and how do I figure out how much I will pay in US dollars?

Currently the prices on our website are in Canadian dollars which lately has been valued at 30-34% less than the American dollar but fluctuates depending on global currency markets. You can use google (CAD to USD) to determine a live value of the dollar amount at time of purchase or reach out to the Ella After team and we will do what we can to assist you in determining the price you will pay for your currency. If you are a U.S. customer, you will pay approximately 30% less than the price you are being shown. The conversion happens automatically through your bank with no effort on your part. For example: I am a US customer and my cart totals $100 CAD. I will hit the “checkout” button and pay for my items. When I check my bank statement I will see that my card was charged $72. Transaction complete! (Shopping Canadian is really easier than it seems).

Q: How does shipping from Canada to US work?

Shipping: At this time Ella After Wax Co services all of North America and offers discounted international shipping. When shipping international, there is not a ‘flat rate’ option as there is in the states. International Shipping is based the weight of the package. To maintain affordable shipping rates for all of our customers, we have chosen to offer a ‘flat rate’ to our customers. We charge a rate that is cheaper than the international courier charges, and Ella After will incur the cost of any shipping costs beyond what the customer has paid. IE: A package costs $45 to send international based upon weight, the customer will pay $30 and Ella After will pay the remaining $15. 

*Please note that shipping prices are also in Canadian Dollars. Our shipping ‘flat rate’ costs are:

*Flat Rate : $30 CAD 

As a Canadian customer who frequently shops U.S. and became frustrated with outrageous shipping costs, I committed early on to doing what we can to keep shipping affordable.  

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

You will see the term ‘Turn Around Time’ referenced when determining how long it will take to receive your order. Turn Around Time is the amount of time it takes from making a purchase to receiving an email notice that your order has shipped. Ready To Ship items have been poured prior to restock and have a 10 business day Turn Around Time to be picked, packed and perfected before heading out the door. Preorders are Made to Order and are under a 20 business day Turn Around Time. Customs are currently on a 30 day Turn Around Time.


Q: Do you combine shipping if I make more than one order?

It happens to all of us: either we hit that checkout button only to realize we forgot something on our list, or we want to shop more than one restock and don’t really want to pay shipping twice. We’ve got you covered! When you place an order, you will be charged a standard shipping rate for that order. Any subsequent orders (after the initial shipping charge has been paid) are eligible to use the code COMBINESHIP to combine those orders and not be charged additional shipping. If we have to upgrade the size of the box for your order, we will simply invoice the difference in cost of the original box and the new box rate. Once a shipping notice has been issued, we are unable to combine that order, so please be sure to let us know if you would like an item to be held.

Combining Ready to Ship items with Preorders: The COMBINESHIP code can also be used to combine Ready to Ship items with Preorders.  Please note that Ready To Ship Turn Around Time is 10 business days, while Preorder Turn Around Time is 14 business days. Therefore, if you place an order of Ready To Ship Items and would like them held to be shipped with a Preorder, all items will ship out within the 14 business day Turn Around Time.

Combining Multiple Restocks: If you are shopping from more than one restock and would like to combine orders, you may do so up to 30 days. For example: if you are shopping the May 1st restock and also want to shop on the 15th, you can use the HOLD feature by leaving a note in the comment section asking us to hold the order for the next restock. When you shop on the 15th simply use the COMBINESHIP code to combine those orders.

*If your items exceed the shipping costs/space you have purchased, we will invoice you the difference in cost or add an additional box when the largest box has been exceeded

We are happy to be able to offer this option to our customers as a way to avoid paying multiple shipping charges, but please be mindful when combining orders that in some cases this will extend your Turn Around Time.

Q: Do you offer “customs”?

In addition to our Collection Launches & Restocks, we also do customs! In order to keep up with our regular wax production, we have implemented a contest style approach to customs. Every order we send out gets samples, and contained within FOUR samples each month we have hidden charms. If you win a charm, you win the opportunity to work directly with Sarah to purchase unlimited quantities of loaves from ANY of our past or current blends, or even make your own with the “Customs Oils” list in the file section. If there is an oil that you would like that we currently do not offer, we will use the 30 day Turn Around Time to obtain and test the oils you would like!


Q: Do you offer refunds if I don’t like the scent?

Refunds/Exchange: Due to the nature of our products we cannot offer refunds based on scent likes and dislikes. In the event you have been sent the wrong items, you are missing an item or you receive something defective please reach out to us through our email address We want to be sure every transaction here at Ella After Wax Co is a pleasant and positive one so we will do everything within our means to satisfy our valued customers. All packages are traceable through our shipping service and have $100 value insurance coverage in the event something is lost or damaged in transit. We will assist our customers in making a claim with Canada Post and USPS.


If you haven’t already, please join us on Facebook & Instagram at Ella After Wax Co group. Here we will post sneak peeks, behind the scenes exclusives, host contests & giveaways as well as seek YOUR input on upcoming offerings! We have an amazing Ella After family and welcome you with open arms to join us as YOU are the reason we are here! We can’t thank you enough for making our little parasoy wax dreams a reality. As we continue to expand and grow, we value your support and feedback. Customer service is available Tuesday - Saturday from 9am EST to 7pm EST via email & facebook.

Ella After Wax Co reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who’s actions may jeopardize the comfort or safety of our valued customers. In the event a person's actions target or infringe on the rights of others they will be issued immediate refunds on outstanding orders, removed from our group or asked to leave the studio premise.

We are committed to creating a quality home fragrance experience without compromising the air quality of your home or health. By purchasing wax made from renewable resources you too are doing your part at leaving smaller footprints on our planet. Petroleum, Phthalate, Solvent & Cruelty FREE

Please reach out if you have any further questions. Happy melting!