Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

The perfect collection to usher in all things spring in a very whimsical way! From fruity to flannel to floral - Alice has you covered!

introducing our whimsical Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. 

🐰3 Inches High: Avo Bath (Lush Type) & Coconut Whip

6 Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Lemon Fritters & Whipped Cream
Alice: Gingham BBW type + Downy Blue
Caucus Race: Teakwood, Cotton Musk, Sea Grass & Salty Breezes
Cheshire Cat: Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies & Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
🐥The Dodo: Mango Sorbet, Cream Cheese Frosting & Waffle Cone
🐣Down the Rabbit Hole: Blueberry Fritters & Fruit Fly on Acid 
Drink Me: Blueberry Cheesecake & Black Tea
🐰The Duchess: Clean Cotton & Bubblegum Frosting 
Eat Me: Blueberry Cobbler & Bednight Snacks
Golden Afternoon: Sun Dried Linen
House of Lannister: Rose Petals, Sugar Cookie Dough & Buttercream
Jabberwocky: Dark Vanilla, Cedar Wood, Salty Sea Air & Sensual Musk
🐣Keep Your Temper: French Vanilla, Golden Amber & a touch of Lilac 
The King of Hearts: Sweet Strawberries, Cookies & Cupcakes
Mad Hatter: Orange Creamsicle, Serendipity & Fizzy Pop
Mome Raths: Boo Berry Birthday Cake
Pond of Tears: Sweet Funnel Cake, Salty Sea Air & Vanilla Ice Cream
The Red Queen: Twisted Peppermint, Crushed Rose Petals & Whipped Cream
🐰Treacle Well: Sun-washed Driftwood, Sea Salt & Fresh Sage
Tweedledee: Blue Sugar, Driftwood & Sea Salt
Tweedledum: Blue Sugar, Clean Cotton & a Splash of Salty Sea Air
Unbirthday: Pineapple Cake, Citrus Zest & Coconut Shavings
🐰We’re All Mad Here: Sweet Berry Creme Brûlée & Ghost Gum (A mashup of Marshmallow scents) 
Waist Coats & Pocket Watches: English Lavender & Satin Sheets
White Pawn: Bright clean white florals
White Rabbit: Rice Krispies, Marshmallow Fluff & White Clouds