A Clockwork Orange Collection

Welcome to the Clockwork Orange Pie & Pot Preorder! We have 11 new and exciting Clockwork Orange scents for you to choose from! Blends will be available in 4 ounce Pots (same size as a tart bag or solo snaps) for 6.75 CAD.  Mix and match as many as you would like! Or if you have your eye on the WHOLE Clockwork Orange Collection we have a special treat for you!

We are offering a Clockwork Orange Pie Slice Collection filled with all 11 blends in 5 ounce pie slices! Our pie slices regularly sell for 7.95 CAD each, but with this collection you get all 11 scents for 74.95 CAD (an 87.45 value) - that’s 12.50 off! Over a dollar off PER pie slice! The pie collection will be sold as one complete set and no substitutions can be made, you will get a pie slice in each blend!

In addition we are offering a very special addition to this collection, a scent that is near and dear to Sarah’s heart. Luxury Vanilla (buttery vanilla with a hint of sugar cookie) will be available this restock in 4 ounce pots to commemorate Sarah’s sweet kitten “Luxury” who passed this month. Preorder will remain open from 12:00pm on August 1st until 12:00pm August 3rd, or until limits are met. Turn Around Time for this preorder will be 14 business days.